(The Carol With An Attitude)


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Charles Dickens’ Christmas classic is brought to life in this delightful Broadway-style musical. The script, punctuated with 15 original songs, follows Dickens’ original storyline though, in this version, Scrooge’s redemption is a spiritual rebirth rather than just a moral reformation. A genuine musical theater production, this beloved story will enchant, entertain and encourage your audience with its message of hope.

scroogecoverScript by Tammy Montel and Kaye von Kessel
Music and Lyrics by Paul Jacobson

Cast: 47 (many parts can be doubled by actors from other scenes)
Men: 2 principals, 5 featured, 8 cast
Women: 2 featured, 13 cast
Children: 1 principal, 1 featured, 16 cast (some stepout dialog and vocals)

Production Package includes these items and requires a license:

  • Script (Reproducible)
  • Piano/vocal Scores to all songs (Reproducible)
  • Stereo Accompaniment (MP3) Files
  • Production Spreadsheets (Mic Plot, Vocals by Song)

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