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Frank Green is in for the adventure of a lifetime when he signs up for the last delivery run before Christmas. Frank’s delivery route takes him on an unforgettable musical journey where he encounters the timeless traditions of China, experiences the festive celebrations of Russia, treks through the wild African plains, visits the emerald hills of Ireland, and drops deep into the heart of Texas after swinging through Dixieland – New Orleans. At each destination, as each delivered box is unwrapped, Frank learns more about the true meaning of Christmas.. His journey ends at a creative and beautiful re-telling of the Christmas story, where Frank receives a package of his own- one that changes his life forever

If you’re looking for a wonderful evening of great music, grand Broadway-style production numbers, and fun for the entire family this Christmas season, OVERNIGHT CHRISTMAS is sure to deliver!

Book by Tim Goodwin, Lorie Marsh, Denise Thomas and Kathy Jordan
Music and Arrangements by Don Marsh, Vernon Whaley and Adam Lancaster

Cast: 50+
Principals: 4
Featured: 12
Additional Roles: 20

Production Package includes these items:

  • Script (Reproducible)
  • Piano/vocal Scores to all songs(Reproducible)
  • Accompaniment tracks (Split and Stereo)
  • Complete Orchestration
  • SATB Rehearsal Track Files (Reproducible)
  • Director’s Guide/Production Manual
  • Video Links to Live Production video
  • Demo Recordings of all songs (Reproducible)
  • Artwork/Graphics
  • Prop List
  • Costume Plot
  • Mic Plot

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