Once Upon A Tree


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This musical is currently in production and scheduled to be released later this year.

Once Upon a Tree is a deliciously witty, 90-minute romp through the not-so-perfect lives of our favorite fairy tale heroes and heroines. Cinderella is dealing with her bunions, Sleeping Beauty with her apnea and Snow White is weighing the pros and cons of becoming a blonde. Pollyanna enters the picture and tries to prove that “happily ever afters” still really do come true. While she is met with some resistance, her “pollyanna” philosophy sparks some epiphanies about the joy of the journey. With a clever, farcical script and delightfully entertaining songs, you will discover meaningful moments and insights amongst the tomfoolery in this easy to perform musical comedic caper.

Book by Janet McMahan, Robby Coles and David Huntsinger
Music and Lyrics by Janet McMahan and David Huntsinger

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