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As another spotless lamb is prepared for sacrifice, a shepherd boy wonders aloud, “Must we continue this practice forever?” Meanwhile, a man leads his wife, great with child, to an inn where she can deliver her baby. There is no room. as the husband and wife go their way, the shepherd boy’s father offers his assistance. “Wait, you can use my room”. Thus began a series of events forever etched in our minds as “The Christmas Story”.

This unique musical takes it’s title from Micah 4:8 which prophesies that the Messiah would be revealed from the “tower of the flock” (Migdal Eder) which is connected with the town of Bethlehem, southeast of Jerusalem.

Bethlehem’s Tower, a 90 minute, multi-generational musical was originally written to cover the entire span of Jesus’ life, but this version has been neatly divided into two sections – the first, perfect for Christmas and the second ideal for Easter. The sections may be performed separately or as a whole with no loss of continuity.

Script by Linda Scudder
Arranged and Orchestrated by David T. Clydesdale

Production Package contains these items:

  • Script (Reproducible)
  • Piano/vocal Scores to all songs(Reproducible)
  • Accompaniment Track (Stereo mp3)
  • Complete Orchestration
  • Logo Graphics

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