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What NOT To Do When Writing Songs For Your Christmas Production This Year

Over the years, I’ve had dozens of musicals sent to me which were an original Christmas production at some church. Upon listening to them, my first reaction was to feel sorry for the poor audience who had to sit through forced rhymes, cryptic lyrics and mangled syntax. The fact is that most people who write songs, never seriously study the craft of songwriting. They mimic what they hear on the radio or try to copy some similar song with no real grasp of the fundamentals of songwriting. (The same thing holds true for praise and worship songs foisted on unsuspecting congregations – but that’s for someone else’s worship blog).

Writing a song without understanding the fundamental craft of songwriting is like looking at a beautifully constructed house and saying “I can build one of those”, when you know nothing about structural support, how to use a miter saw, or which type of fastener to use on the joists. You can just jump in and might get something that resembles a house, but the quality would be questionable at best.