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Fa-La-La Faux Pas

(Bad Christmas Musical Choreography)

I am not a dancer, but I’m going to talk about choreography. Bad choreography.

Bad choreography in church. I find it curious (not to mention agonizing) that churches who are passionate about high quality musical productions at Christmas, will insist on great music, beautiful costumes, exquisite, detailed sets and a wonderful story, but will think that grade-school- level choreography fits right into the mix! Bless their hearts. I know they’re not dancers, but choreography is more than just dancing and not every song needs it.  Nothing is more painful than to see a soloist singing a nice pop-oriented theater song while a group of people behind him are “do-si-do-ing”(like a barn dance from “Oklahoma”). I’m sorry, but that makes my skin crawl just to watch. What does that choreography have to do with the song? And it doesn’t even match the music!