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The Power of Story – The Power Lifeway Doesn’t Understand

I never originally intended to use this blog to be political. My goal has always been to instruct and enlighten church leaders and lay Christians about the powerful use of the arts to reach unchurched audiences through compelling and spiritually engaging stories. Jesus did that, so it follows (at least in my mind) that we should follow His example.

I just learned that Lifeway Christian Stores has pulled “The Blind Side” from its shelves because a Florida pastor complained about some use of profanity and racial slurs in the film. This action is the spiritual equivalent of Jesus refusing to go home with Zaccheus because he was a tax collector. (Do you suppose Zaccheus used profanity or racial slurs against Samaritans? If so, then Jesus wasn’t afraid to hear unpleasant language if, in doing so, he could touch Zaccheus’ life.)